COVID-19 Outbreaks In Sporting Events

Due to an increased risk of COVID-19 outbreaks at athletic events, the State has imposed mandatory testing requirements for all athletics.  All participants between the age of 13 and 19 must be tested every week or else they will not be permitted to participate in practices or competitions.  If the participants are in a contact sport where masks cannot be worn, there is additional testing of up to three tests per week required.  For contact sports with no mask, there must be a negative test 24 hours prior to practice or competition.

What does this mean for you?  You will need to set up a system to manage this process.  While the State will provide tests and some additional resources, it will be your responsibility to administer the tests.  As such, you must designate at least one individual to complete the State training to be permitted to administer tests.  You will also need to keep a log of the testing results and follow all current Michigan Department of Health and Human Services contact tracing and reporting protocol.  Failure to comply could lead to severe sanctions.

You can find more information at  Otherwise, the attorneys here at Lippitt O’Keefe are ready to answer any questions and assist you through this process.


By Kevin McGiness, Attorney.

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