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COVID-19 Outbreaks In Sporting Events

Due to an increased risk of COVID-19 outbreaks at athletic events, the State has imposed mandatory testing requirements for all athletics.  All participants between the age of 13 and 19 must be tested every week or else they will not be permitted to participate in practices or competitions.  If the participants are in a contact […]

COVID Order Update

Given that we have had some recent upheaval in the status of the COVID-19 rules and regulations in place in the State of Michigan, we thought we would offer a short summary of recent developments, while highlighting certain aspects of active orders which we think you should be aware of. October 2, 2020 Michigan Supreme […]

Real Estate Considerations When Starting an Adult-Use Marijuana Business

One of the biggest hurdles for those looking to break into Michigan’s emerging adult-use (recreational) marijuana market is finding a location for the marijuana business.  There are several factors that inform this decision both within and without the control of an entrepreneur seeking to enter the recreational marijuana market.  In additional, it is advisable to […]

Employers Need To Be Careful When Served With Garnishments

Garnishments are very powerful tools for collecting a judgment, and employers need to remember that they may be liable if they fail to follow the law when served with a garnishment seeking funds owing to an employee or other person to whom it owes money.  A person holding a judgment against a defendant  may obtain […]

COVID-19: M&A Due Diligence Considerations

In any mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transaction, a Buyer will engage in some degree of due diligence on a target company to gain a further understanding of any legal, operational, or other risks before entering into a deal. As with any due diligence investigation, Buyer’s should tailor their due diligence process to a target company. […]

Foundational Agreements for Start-Ups

Foundational Agreements for Start-Ups   There are some types of contracts that virtually every business will utilize at some point in that business’s life.  These are considered foundational agreements as they are of great importance to a business’s efficient and effective operation. A few common examples of foundational agreements include: non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, and […]

Material Adverse Change Clauses in the Wake of COVID

The COVID-19 global pandemic will significantly shape how parties to mergers & acquisitions (M&A) deals view, and likely negotiate, Material Adverse Change (MAC) clauses in a deal’s transaction documents. MAC clauses are contractual provisions which aim to give a buyer the right to walk away from a deal prior to closing, upon the occurrence of […]

Planning and Managing Layoffs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As CEO of a company impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have to make the painful decision of downsizing your personnel.  What follows are considerations in both the process of planning for a layoff and how to actually conduct the layoff. Considerations When Planning a Layoff Consider a furlough (a leave of absence).  This […]

Private Equity and Portfolio Companies may be left out in the cold under CAREs Act

The unprecedented $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CAREs) is the largest stimulus package in U.S. history. The primary intent of CAREs is to help small businesses across the country ride out the storm during the difficult financial times resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. CAREs stimulus aid includes (a) $349 billion […]

Updating Force Majeure Provisions

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be time to for contract drafters to review and update their force majeure provisions. The basic function of a force majeure clause is to excuse a party to the contract from liability if some unplanned event occurs that is reasonably outside of the affected party’s control.  A […]