Business Law and Commercial Transactions

Birmingham Business Lawyers

Business law is a complex arena, and your attorney must have deep attention to detail. Whether it’s going through financial documents and the maze of laws and regulations that impact your business or simply monitoring the best practices within your industry, experienced lawyers can efficiently and effectively handle your case. 

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Commercial Transactions

A commercial transaction is more than just processing orders. When you hire employees, that is a legal transaction. Transactions of all kinds are the very essence of commercial activity and there is a body of law that supports each and every one. 

Corporate Law & Compliance

Corporate compliance covers three basic areas: Statutory compliance, regulatory compliance, and compliance with industry standards. Your business must be in compliance with all applicable laws at the federal, state, and local level, and keeping your business in line with industry norms is equally important. 

Comprehensive Business Law Services

At Lippitt O’Keefe, PLLC, we are proud to have experience in many areas of business law, allowing our clients to have the best legal guidance possible.

In addition to cases involving real estate law, employment law, intellectual property, estate planning, and cannabis law, our attorneys can help you with cases involving:

Commercial Financing

A wide range of transactions fall under the umbrella of commercial financing. The business that’s making or receiving or a loan needs a commercial financing lawyer. A corporation going through restructuring will rely on commercial financing counsel. The same goes for a business undertaking recapitalization or a leveraged buyout. 

Construction Law

Construction law encompasses everything associated with a project from the time the owners apply for a permit. This field of law involves working with designers, architects, suppliers, contractors, and more. It requires knowledge of nuanced codes and regulations. 

E-Commerce Law

The law in this area is still developing and requires an attorney that’s vigilant and alert to changes. E-commerce law can cover everything from trademarking your domain name and online products to dealing with the agreements you have with tech and web hosting companies. 

Entertainment Law

You don’t have to go to Hollywood or New York to need an entertainment lawyer. This field involves anything that deals with the media. This can include areas like defamation, libel, and slander. It can also include issues in employment law and contract law. 

Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, & Syndications

The legal issues that arise with business structures are unique to how each individual business is set up. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) might be chosen for personal liability protection and potential tax flexibility. Partnerships can be attractive because of their comparative ease in setting up. A syndication structure may make borrowing easier. Each structure has its own strengths and weaknesses and its own compliance requirements. 

Liquor Law

This field of law pertains to all laws and regulations that deal with the sale of alcohol. Businesses ranging from restaurants and pubs to local liquor stores and alcohol distributors all fall under the umbrella of liquor law.

Local, State, Federal, & International Business Organization & Planning

Doing business effectively and profitably means being aware of a myriad of regulations, laws, and compliance requirements — our experienced attorneys can help.

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures

These transactions are always more than just bringing two or more parties together for a business deal. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures also involve fundamental alterations to the structure of at least one business. The shift to a new corporate structure means a fresh evaluation of laws, regulations, and compliance requirements.

Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements

A business may deal with sensitive information. Ownership needs to be assured that their most important secrets won’t leave the company when an employee does, or that customers won’t follow a salesperson to another firm. Non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements are a company’s protection in situations like these.

Non-Profit Organizations

For a non-profit organization to achieve its goals, they need to be legally compliant with laws and regulations. Tax-exempt status must be secured to make the organization attractive to potential donors. Organizational and governance documents must be set up, and a board of directors needs to be put in place. An experienced lawyer will recommend an appropriate path. 

Securities Law

The laws governing financial investments frequently change. Organizations ranging from small business to corporations to brokerage houses rely on good, up-to-date counsel to operate. 

Venture Capital

A lawyer can work to ensure venture capital firms are compliant with all appropriate regulations and following legal best practices. In the event of a conflict, a lawyer is there to work through all possible dispute resolution methods. 

Workouts & Reorganizations

A lawyer can anticipate potential reactions to the implementation of a workout plan and take steps to protect the client’s best interests. Reorganization is a part of that process, including forbearance agreements, loan modification and assumption, and much more.