Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing Lawyers in Birmingham 

We assist businesses on all three tiers of the Michigan Liquor Control system (manufacturers, distributors and retailers) with obtaining, maintaining and transferring liquor licenses. We have also represented many establishments in resolving accusations of liquor code violations from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. 

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Liquor Licensing Issues We Handle

Among other liquor licensing issues, we handle:

  • Class C or Tavern Licenses (on premises consumption of alcohol)
  • SDD and SDM licenses (off premises consumption of alcohol
  • Conditional Licenses to aid in speed transfers of licenses between entities
  • Catering Permits
  • Beer & Wine Tasting Permits
  • Social District Permits
  • Manufacturer Licenses
  • Nonprofit Special Event Licenses
  • Alternating Proprietorship Applications
  • License Escrowing
  • Liquor license sale and transfer
  • Resolving MLCC violation concerns

We also handle the liquor licensing and permitting needs of our clients at the federal level (in addition to at the state and municipal level). At the federal level, we handle:

  • Brewer’s Notice
  • Basic Permit – Winery
  • Basic Permit – Distilled Spirits Plant
  • Importer (Alcohol) permit
  • Wholesaler (Alcohol) permit
  • Labeling Approval through the COLA system