Real Estate Property Rights and Boundary Disputes

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Commercial real estate transactions are typically complex. An attorney who is experienced in the issues you are likely to confront might be the difference in whether or not your investment will turn into a long-range success. 

What Makes Commercial Real Estate Law Unique

Volume and nuance are important distinctions between commercial and residential real estate transactions. Commercial real estate often involves big investments — perhaps the purchase of a building or the expansion of an existing structure. More often than not, a deal like this will involve a substantially larger volume of documents than what you would see for a basic home purchase.

Moreover, the details on commercial transactions can be more nuanced than those involved with a residential sale. Zoning issues are common in commercial real estate, as is the need for government permits. While disputes in a residential transaction are going to be between two homeowners, the dispute in commercial real estate is more likely to involve the local government. 

The realtor handling your commercial transaction will no doubt have their own knowledge of these issues, but the realtor brings a different perspective than that of a lawyer. Your commercial real estate attorney is duty-bound to advocate solely for your interests and to be prepared to walk away from a deal if your interests are not meant. By contrast, the commercial realtor’s interests lie with simply getting the deal done. The person who has representation dedicated exclusively to protecting their interests can be in a stronger position to make the best possible decisions.

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Common Issues in Commercial Real Estate

Zoning laws are the most likely issue to be countered in a commercial real estate transaction. Municipalities will have regulations restricting the ways in which property can be used. A lawyer experienced in these transactions will have a deep familiarity with the local ordinances and if there are any superseding state laws involved and understand how to work through any administrative hearings that may be required. 

A dispute over zoning can happen when a business is located near a residential area. On the one hand, homeowners want businesses and job growth to be near where they live. On the other hand, homeowners don’t want businesses too close to their residential space. This can lead to conflict and public hearings. Your attorney must be experienced at zealously representing your interests while doing what’s possible to maintain good relationships with the people who live in your area. Property rights and boundary disputes can come up in commercial real estate cases. 

An Attorney Can Help

For anyone buying commercial property, an understanding of permits and the details involved in commercial leases are essential to long-term success. An attorney who is steeped in an understanding of what issues to look for and what questions to ask is a valuable asset to have at your side .

Lippitt O’Keefe, PLLC has decades of experience handling complex commercial real estate transactions. We’ve built our reputation on smart, pragmatic, results-oriented legal work that keeps our client’s best interests front and center. We can lead you through the maze of documents, contracts, licensing, permits, and zoning regulations that are involved with your transaction.